Day 6: Focus on Irish Aid in Malawi

In Day 6, Pupils learn about Irish Aid and its partners’ impact in the country of focus, Malawi.


They learn about key words and phrases, such as drought, survive and climate change. They discover Malawian culture through a video Exploring Malawi and reading about clay stoves. Activities encourage pupils to develop their reading, comprehension, and creative skills such as drawing and writing.

Below are some helpful instructions to guide you through today’s activities. Please note downloads are available in Irish and English.

Step 1: Read Irish Aid and Malawi


Read Irish Aid and Malawi to understand some of the challenges Malawi is facing and how Irish Aid are supporting Goal 2 Zero Hunger there.

Download PDF: English | Irish

Step 2: Watch the video


Watch Exploring Malawi to discover a bit about Malawian culture and get a glimpse into how Concern Worldwide, an Irish Aid partner is providing support.

Step 3: Complete an Activity


Feel free to complete one of the activities from the My Choice Board to show your learning.

Want to go further?


Did you notice the clay stoves Malawians were using to cook their food? Read this magazine page to learn more about these stoves and how they connect to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Magazine Page

Colour in a picture of a clay stove

Curriculum Links


English Language – Oral Language (Communicating, exploring and using); Reading (understanding, exploring and using); Writing (communicating, exploring and using)

Gaeilge Language – Teanga ó Bhéal (Cumarsáid, Fiosrú agus úsáid); Léitheoireacht (Tuiscint, Fiosrú agus úsáid); Scríbhneoireacht (Cumarsáid;  Fiosrú agus úsáid)

Geography: Human Environments (People and other lands);

SPHE: Myself and others; Myself and the wider world

Visual Arts: Drawing