Day 12: Gender Equality

In today’s activities pupils will learn what Goal 5 is all about and how Irish Aid and its partners, are working to achieve Gender Equality worldwide.


Pupils will watch a video to learn about Female Food Heroes in Tanzania. Activities will develop pupils reading and writing skills and encourage creativity.

Step 1: Read What’s Goal 5: Gender Equality all About?


Download PDF: English | Irish

Step 2: Read ‘Sharon Corr meets the Female Food Heroes’


Learn about the importance of female farmers in Tanzania.

Sharon Corr is an Irish singer who is well known for her charity work with Oxfam, an NGO supported by the government of Ireland.


Step 3: Meet Ester from Tanzania


Find out why she is a Female Food Hero!

Download PDF: English | Irish

Step 4: Complete an activity


Choose one (or more) of the activities below:

Create a Female Hero
Photo Essay


Download in Irish

Take the From Where I Stand survey

(adapted from the World’s Largest Lesson) 

Download in Irish

Scroll through the Generation Equality Slideshow

See how women have always made a difference…everywhere (adapted from

Want to Take if Further?


Colour in the pictures about Gender Equality

Get a parent to sit down with you and ask them to complete this quiz on women’s unpaid work!

Read the comic Chakra the Invincible to see a boy and girl work together for equality