Lesson Plans

The Our World Irish Aid Awards lesson activities are designed to support your pupils as they explore the sustainable development issues as part of this year’s Awards theme, ‘Leave No One Behind’.  The activities will raise pupils’ awareness about global problems such as hunger, poverty, injustice, inequality and climate change; and, help pupils to consider how everyone everywhere has a role to play in making sure that no one is left behind, and contributing to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

We would love to hear about how you get on with these lessons and all the exciting school-based OWIAA project activities.  Let us know via Twitter using the hashtag #IAourworld.

End of Unit literacy and reflection activities (all class) FINAL

The end of Unit literacy and reflection activities encourage pupils to: develop their oral literacy; reading, comprehension and writing skills; and, reflect on the content knowledge and skills learned as they progress through the Our World Irish Aid Awards Units.

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