Taking Part

Take part in the Awards, and bring the world into your classroom, in 5 simple steps!

1. Explore!

With your class, explore this year’s theme, “A Better World” through the use of our lesson plans which were developed by teachers, for teachers. These materials will help you and your pupils to think and talk about development issues in an exciting and engaging way. All the materials are designed to support curriculum areas/areas of learning, and Literacy and Numeracy strategies are integrated throughout the lesson plans.

2. Choose a topic!

This year’s theme “A Better World” is linked to the UN Global Goals. Having used some or all of the classroom materials available on this website to help pupils understand the Goals, choose the topic under this theme which most interests your pupils. Projects in any medium could focus, for example, on any or all of the following:

  • The importance of the Global Goals as a way to improve the lives of children in developing countries (for a list of countries officially classified as developing visit http://www.ourworldirishaidawards.ie/lesson-plans/)
  • The experiences of children in a particular developing country or countries
  • The importance of education as a way of fighting hunger, poverty and inequality in developing countries

Whatever the chosen topic, it is important to ensure that the project addresses the theme “A Better World”, with a focus on the developing world context.

3. Create!

This is the fun part! Once you and your class have chosen a topic, now it’s time to create a project that shows others how your group/class/school responded to this year’s theme. The list of possible projects is endless but here are some ideas which might help you get started:

4. Engage Others!

Pupils should communicate what they have learned to the rest of the school and/or the wider community. Pupils could, for example:

  • talk to the other classes in the school about what they learned
  • put up posters or information in the school or local community
  • host an assembly or exhibition of their work
  • write to public representatives, the local paper or community newsletter
  • record a radio show or film a newscast
  • use the school’s Facebook page

Don’t forget to note how your pupils engaged with others in the Entry Diary.

5. Enter!

Enter your completed project into the Our World Irish Aid Awards and show off all of your hard work!

Download Entry Form

Make sure to complete the entry form, including the Entry Diary section, and send it, along with the project, to:

Our World Irish Aid Awards
c/o Real Nation
24 Arran Quay 
Dublin 7

Or email the project to: ourworld@realnation.ie

Deadline for receipt of Awards entries is: 3rd April 2020