What are the Irish Aid Awards?

The Our World Irish Aid Awards gives you the chance to learn more about the developing world and to speak out for a better future for all the world’s people.
The theme of this year’s Awards is ‘Equality for All’. We want you to think and learn about children in developing countries and it is important for all of us to treat everyone fairly and make sure everyone is included using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Using our Equality for All pupil’s magazine and accompanying lesson plans, you can work on a creative piece showcasing what you learned or what inspired you. You can use writing, artwork, music or film and submit your work for a chance to feature in our Global Goal Getters online multi-media magazine, by kids, for kids.
We also want you to share your ideas and information with your friends and family at school and at home! Everyone in the world, including you, has an important role to play in fighting global poverty and creating a better world. Taking part in the Awards is a good place to start. Are you and your class up to the challenge?

What is Irish Aid?

Irish Aid is the Irish Government’s overseas development cooperation programme to fight world hunger and poverty on behalf of all the people of Ireland. Ireland’s development cooperation programme works together in partnership with governments, international agencies, non-governmental organisations and communities to protect the environment, grow more food, 
create jobs, build schools and hospitals etc., so that poor and vulnerable people can improve their lives, protect themselves from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases and build a better future for their children.